It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

It's a Wonderful Life 2014
Connor Hammond, Elizabeth Price, James Taylor Odom, Amelia Fischer, Alex Van, Matt Magill

Driving away from my contract with the Gainesville Theatre Alliance, I had time (when taking a break from my audio book and striking out trying to phone-a-friend) to enjoy the experience of the last few weeks.  My third time performing in this show, I so enjoyed playing Mary Bailey again this year but with a new cast and in my hometown!  Sharing the stage with my brother was incredible, and being a part of rediscovering this lovely story in the radio format was a blast.  We played to sold out houses in Brenau University’s Downtown Center (a theatre I grew up playing various Cratchit children in) and partnered with the local radio station, WDUN, to broadcast the show live on opening night and Christmas night.  Favorite on-stage sound effect this year: a metal washboard and scrub brush to produce the engine of a train!


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