Outbreak Company English Dub

My first anime voice over work is being released March 3rd!  Sentai Filmworks officially announced the cast, so I get to talk about it now.  This tongue-in-cheek show is a love letter to all things fantasy and anime as a young otaku (anime aficionado) is dropped into a world where everything he has spent years idolizing actually exists!  We’re talking elf-maids, dragons, wolf-girls, dwarves, a tiny Empress, and so much more.

Shinichi and Ms. Teacher discussing the purpose of Manga
Shinichi and Ms. Teacher discussing the purpose of Manga

I play the lead character’s inspiring field trip teacher (creatively named “Ms. Teacher”) in a flashback, who validates Shinichi’s love of manga as another avenue for learning about life.  Soooo basically what every 12-year-old boy wishes to hear.

Elfko about to take on the dwarves...
Elfko about to take on the dwarves…

Then I also voice the hot-headed Elfko, head of the elven contingent in Shinichi’s new school.  Really enjoyed getting to participate in one of those classically anime, knock-down, drag-out fights during which everyone’s faces get red and scarily large.  Plus, the artwork for Elfko is pretty great, right?

Overall, Outbreak Company is tons of fun and features several of my favorite Houston actors.  Check it out here once the English dub becomes available March 3rd!  Points to you if you can find the third, smaller character I voice…

2 thoughts on “Outbreak Company English Dub

  1. And THEN Ms. Teacher can tell all the boys in her class that playing online games is actually the only training they will ever need for their future employment!!


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