No Game No Life Screening

Meet Jibril, my latest Anime character!  She appears in No Game No Life which will be released by Sentai Filmworks on July 28th.  (If you are in Houston, there is a free screening of the first four episodes tonight, 7:30, at the Alamo Drafthouse off Mason Rd.)

Jibril and I share an overly protective attitude towards books...
Jibril and I share an overly protective attitude towards books…

Described on fan sites as the youngest and strongest of the Flügel race, Jibril is a kind of killer angel with unprecedented power, an unquenchable love of knowledge, and an insufferable haughtiness towards pretty much everyone else.

Unlike some of my past characters, I got to use the higher end of my vocal register for Jibril.  When I arrived in the recording studio for the first session, our intrepid director Kyle Jones’ (check out his photography!) words were: “we’re going high for this one, just not Japan high.”  Fans of Anime know exactly what he is talking about.  The original Japanese voice actresses are in a whole other realm of thrillingly girlish squeals and racing adolescent fury.

Jibril voiced by Amelia FischerRegardless of my thoughts on feminine infantilization, my job as the English dub is to find a balance between honoring the original interpretation of the character that fans love and creating a voice more accessible for American women.  Jibril’s behavioral flips from smoothly elitist barbs to quirkily obsessive passion made this role a lot of fun to play with.

Check out the series and see if Jibril’s voice hits the right note for you! Pre-order your copy of No Game No Life here.  Aschente!

No Game No Life

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