VO Atlanta 2015 Conference

What an incredible weekend of joyful learning and networking with an international pool of Voiceover professionals!  I was able to attend at the last minute and am so glad I did not miss out on this immersion in the world of VO.

Gerald Griffith, Kellie Conn, Amelia Fischer, Joe Loesch
Gerald Griffith, Kellie Conn, Amelia Fischer, Joe Loesch

In Houston, I was fortunate enough to work as a voiceover actor for several Anime shows — Nobunaga the Fool is being released in April 28th, btw, listen for Kitsuno!  Now that I am in Atlanta, I am up for more and more voiceover genres that I had not worked before like commerical, promo, e-Learning, and audiobooks.  Haven’t come across automotive yet but after a wonderfully specific session by Cliff Zellman, I definitely hope I do!

And that is what was so valuable about the VO Atlanta Conference: the variety and depth of knowledge available through all their different sessions.  From 9am – 11pm each day I was able to select back to back sessions that engaged and challenged me, taught by VO professionals with years of experience and success like Andrea Romano, Pat Fraley, David Goldberg, Joe Loesch (the lovely man who first told me about the conference, check him out!), and so many more.  Not true of all conferences I’ve attended, so I highly recommend attending VOAtlanta2016.

Amelia Fischer and Andrea Romano
Being a fangirl of Andrea Romano’s, she directed most of the cartoons I grew up watching!

Best Tips Gained:

  • Industry currently favors realism/naturalism reads
  • VO is a tonal language, know what each tonal pattern conveys
  • Home Studio — Mic positioning is more important than type of mic
  • Commercials — Rock the problem/solution structure
  • Audiobooks — Slow down and create emotional orientation towards action or facts, even with narrators

If you have a specific question or need a referral for a VO professional in your area, I’d love to hear from you!  Otherwise, I’m off to record an audition…keep your fingers crossed!

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Outbreak Company English Dub

My first anime voice over work is being released March 3rd!  Sentai Filmworks officially announced the cast, so I get to talk about it now.  This tongue-in-cheek show is a love letter to all things fantasy and anime as a young otaku (anime aficionado) is dropped into a world where everything he has spent years idolizing actually exists!  We’re talking elf-maids, dragons, wolf-girls, dwarves, a tiny Empress, and so much more.

Shinichi and Ms. Teacher discussing the purpose of Manga
Shinichi and Ms. Teacher discussing the purpose of Manga

I play the lead character’s inspiring field trip teacher (creatively named “Ms. Teacher”) in a flashback, who validates Shinichi’s love of manga as another avenue for learning about life.  Soooo basically what every 12-year-old boy wishes to hear.

Elfko about to take on the dwarves...
Elfko about to take on the dwarves…

Then I also voice the hot-headed Elfko, head of the elven contingent in Shinichi’s new school.  Really enjoyed getting to participate in one of those classically anime, knock-down, drag-out fights during which everyone’s faces get red and scarily large.  Plus, the artwork for Elfko is pretty great, right?

Overall, Outbreak Company is tons of fun and features several of my favorite Houston actors.  Check it out here once the English dub becomes available March 3rd!  Points to you if you can find the third, smaller character I voice…

Anime Voice Work

Had two more recording sessions for Sentai Filmworks last week as I continue down the rabbit hole of anime voice acting!  While my brother and I only watched a few easily accessible shows growing up (Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z…) it has been fascinating to dive back into this sci-fy meets fantasy meets war-epic meets teen-romantic-comedy world.  The creativity of the plots and worlds is amazing and getting to voice multiple characters in the same session is a fun, vocal gymnastic event.  Tuesday was my first time spending a couple hours on the same character, though that project won’t be released for another few months.  In the meantime, stay tuned — the first series I recorded will be out soon!

For more info and some great voice work by some of my Houston theatre friends, check out Sentai’s website: http://www.sentaifilmworks.com/